Moving back home… working

A few years ago, I was at crossroads, had been for a while in fact. I had been contemplating exchanging my chaotic life in Delhi for the quieter realms of my home in Himachal, but, wasn't sure if I had it in me to do what it takes for such a move. The need to… Continue reading Moving back home… working

Travel Stories – II- Egypt

About a decade ago, I worked with a travel company based in Bangalore. Among other responsibilities, I was required to organise and lead group tours. Out of the several I led, over a period of one year, one was to Egypt. It turned out to be one of the most entertaining as well as embarrassing experiences of my life. … Continue reading Travel Stories – II- Egypt

Travel stories-I- Corbett

Close calls Now and then, one has an experience or two, that makes one think over the fleetingness as well as silliness of one's behaviour and existence. There are two such experiences that I remember clearly. March 1996, Corbett National Park Six of us, friends, were on a jungle safari in the Dhikala zone of the Jim… Continue reading Travel stories-I- Corbett

Falling in love…. with the Himalayas

I was born in and what sometimes feels like, to the Himalayas. But even so, my first  conscious sight of it came only 14 years later. In the year 1988, I was selected in a group of 5 cadets to be a part of NCC Contingent to participate in a trek from Patlikuhl, near Kullu to… Continue reading Falling in love…. with the Himalayas